Jack - Carol - Andrew - Ruth - and Jack's brother Bob

Carol and Jack met at church, Bear Creek United Methodist in Houston TX. We knew each other for a couple of years before Jack asked Carol out to find out more about a prospective employer, one day in September. Obviously we enjoyed each others company, so in March of the following year we got married.

We have a couple of great kids, Andrew and Ruth. We are very proud of each of them.

Jack, Carol, Andrew, and Ruth each have a place for personal home pages or for their own projects. Anything there is their own content. Come check out our family alblum. For picture details, you will need to ask. (Some things we don't mind sharing with anyone, and some we do).

We do have extended family that we are glad to have sharing our domain. Jack's brother Bob is here too!

We are redoing our closet for now. If you need to reach us, plase drop us some e-mail.