Fun is work to, it is jusst doing what you enjoy. Here is a random smattering of various of our activities...

Girl Scouts
We volunteer, work, and help with activities. Ruth and Carol are helping with horse riding education through GS! And the cookies are good too! :)
Boy Scout Troop 838
We volunteer and help with activities. Andrew got his Eagle in 2000!
Order of the Arrow
OA is a special service organization comprized of Boy Scouts that are voted on by their peers and provied special services back to other scout organizations.
Tae Kwan-Do
Martial arts, and good excercize. Ruth got her black belt 2/2001!
sewing and weaving
Carol likes this, but anymore is seems like she sews what she must, and we still have the looms, but it has been a long time since they were really used much.
Never enough time! But Jack likes to make big chunks of wood into sawdust and smaller chunks of wood when he can.
Computer Stuff
Jack is active in the Nashville Linux Users Group and MidTN Robot Arts Society
Links to fiends and supported organizations
  • Do you own YOUR ideas? - A friend has a dispute with a former employer. You make up your own mind.
  • Wikipedia knowledge of the internet, sometimes it is right, sometimes not.
  • Theopedia knowledge of the internet on religion, sometimes it is right, sometimes not.
  • More to come. ...
  • We are redoing our closet for now. If you need to reach us, plase drop us some e-mail.